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About Injurious floor?

The floor was cheap to build however it is very expensive to repair and maintain .The total cost of this floor after rectification is much higher than the cost of an “Ideal floor”. The floor defects are:

  • Low surface Quality and High Grazing

  • Not well leveling

  • Not Appropriate Curing

  • Huge surface Grazing

  • Unsuitable materials

  • Unsound, Reactive, Contaminated aggregate

  • Using the wrong type of cement

  • Cement manufacturer error

  • Wrong type of admixture

  • Chemically contaminated water

  • Wrong kind of reinforcement

  • Improper workmanship

  • Faulty design

  • Incorrect concrete mixture (low or high cement content and incorrect admixture dosage)

  • Unstable formwork

  • Misplaced reinforcement

  • Incomplete curing

  • Soil alkali, Acid industry

  • Structural factors

  • Load exceeding design

  • Earthquake load

Why Franklin Floor?

  • Application of country’s Best construction Practice according to “ISO standards”.

  • Innovative technology

  • Experienced technical support team

  • World recognized equipment’s and materials

  • Highly educated engineering team


  • Non-Combustible

  • Reflective

  • Durable

  • Low Maintenance

  • Lower Lifetime Cost

  • Aesthetics

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Franklin enhances the integrity of architect's designs.

  • Franklin is easy to change your industry floor by using their innovation.

  • Franklin is great in regions with a lot of sand or snow.

  • Franklin floor is a good alternative to carpet if you have allergies.

Essential elements of Franklin Flooring

Franklin offers total packages for industrial flooring to its clients. Our technical team has been trained by world’s best concrete consultancy firm. We have handover so many concrete flooring project in Bangladesh using our technical support and technology.

Anti-Slip Surfaces Epoxy, Floorcrete, Urethanes, Polyaspartic Seamless Floors
Conductive/Anti-Static Floor Safety Lines Food and Drug Industry
Crack/Joint/Transition Repairs Scarifying/ Grinding/Polishing Pharmaceutical
Chemical Resistant Flooring Vapour Emissions Testing Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities
Waterproof Membranes Water Repellent Sealers Commercial, Industrial

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