Polyurethane paint (PU) for Floor & wall

Wall Coatings

Wall coating is excellent weathering performance and dirt pick-up resistance, 2K waterborne polyurethane is perfect for high-performance exterior wall coatings. One case study is in Chongqing, China, where coatings were supplied by Franklin. After several years’ exposure, obvious differences can be seen. The areas with 2K waterborne polyurethane are still quite clean, but those areas with emulsion paint are quite dark with dirt stains.

Floor Coatings

Floor coatings are dominated by epoxy. Due to the fact that they are easy to matte, are scratch resistant and weather stable, 2K waterborne polyurethane floor coatings can work perfectly as a topcoat over epoxy self-leveling, epoxy mortar and polyurethane self-leveling coatings.

Sports floor coatings are required to be highly flexible, abrasion, scratch and water resistant, and have anti-skid properties. By combining highly flexible polyurethane polyol dispersions, the final performance can meet these requirements.

Polyurethane Floor Coating Benefits

Another advantage of polyurethane over epoxy is that it is U.V. stable. This means that it won’t yellow like epoxy does when exposed to small amounts of sunlight over a period of time. The surface of polyurethane is not as hard as epoxy but it is much more scratch resistant, can tolerate larger temperature swings, and handles humidity much better. It is also available in different finishes from satin to very glossy.

Though polyurethane has many advantages over epoxy, it does not bond well to concrete and its thin dry film thickness will not work well as a self-leveling coating to fill in small cracks and divots in the surface. Another consideration is that most polyurethanes are solvent based, meaning they can have high VOC’s and may require a respirator to apply.

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