Franklin Concrete repair product

Franklin Concrete repair product

Our concrete repair products are intended to correct a variety of issues in industrial, commercial, and retail concrete floors. Whether you need to repair cracks or joints, stabilize under slabs, fix surface imperfections, or resurface a floor’s finish, we have a product to suit your needs. For more than 40 years, we have been the leaders in concrete floor repair products.

Among our most popular products are those that are used as structural fillers. These materials—often epoxy and polyuria’s are used to repair cracks and rebuild damaged contraction and construction joints. By repairing or rebuilding joints with an epoxy or polyuria, joint shoulders or edges gain better support, which in turn means that future deterioration is less likely to occur. If you’re looking to repair a floor’s surface, we have specific products that are intended to fix surface defects, such as gouges, scratches, pop outs, air holes, bolt holes, surface spalls, surface pitting, etc.

  • No Down Time

  • No Pot Mixing

  • No Saw Cutting

  • Extendable With Sand as an Aggregate

  • High build formula, up to 8 mils thick in one coat

  • Ultra Low Viscosity

  • True Feather Edge Repairs

  • Low Odor

  • Can Be Cut, Drilled, Tapped, Coated

  • Sets Up in Temperatures as Low as -20° F

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